It all started with a question: why is Jamaican food not catered towards a modern crowd? This discussion turned into an obsession, and we decided to make something great. It wasn’t the quality of the food that was lacking. In fact, Jamaican food has a level of experimentation and quality that is truly unique and unparalleled.

The problem we faced was having to choose satisfying over healthy and flavor over presentation time and time again. We have seen so many cuisines go through the modernization that we believe Jamaican food has not yet experienced.

We launched Jrk! with the intent of building upon the techniques, flavors, and influences of traditional Jamaican recipes in a modern, healthy, and sustainable fashion. Our food is all about balance – we bring the delicious collision of flavor, health, and satisfaction to every dish.



Our  mission is to bring fast casual Jamaican cuisine to all without ever compromising on quality, health or our earth.


Health is Wealth, Mon.

Health and safety are our top priority. You can trust us to always put your health first. Our contactless checkout system and pick-up options offer safe ways for you to enjoy.

We Keep it Real.

We  are authentic and focused on community building. We care about your roots and are always true to ours. Our menu is carefully crafted to reflect Jamaican tradition through the influence of our 4 main ingredients.

One Earth, One Love.

Our business is designed to operate as lightly upon the Earth as possible. We promise to source all ingredients and packaging ethically.  Our packaging is 100% sustainable.

Quality Above All.

Our  low prices and modernization of the traditional Jamaican cuisine will never sacrifice our quality or traditional Jamaican staples.